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What can Knowles Management do for you?
  • Your investment is our investment, therefore each process of obtaining and maintaining your tenant is very important.

  • The team members show rental units by appointments only.  The prospective tenants are treated with professionalism and compassion for their needs.

  • Full background research on prospective tenants: credit, criminal, pedophile and last five years of rent history.

  • Once property manager approves application, the Team member schedules an appointment to sign lease, addendum's, rules & regulations, proof of transfer of utilities & renters' insurance. 

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon: all rents are due 1st - 6th of the month.  If tenant does not respond to late notices, the eviction papers will be filed on the last day of the month. Once the papers are filed, the eviction process will be completed. NO EXCEPTIONS. ALL late fees will go to the owner.

  • Repair call line provided 7 days a week.  If a repair is found to be at fault of the tenant, then the tenant will be charged accordingly.  Owners will be kept informed of any activity of repairs or concerns.

  • Owners will receive a monthly report.  If any invoices are paid, owners will receive original and property manager will retain a copy.  For your convenience, owner proceeds check can be deposited into local bank.

  • 97% Occupancy Rate, and an average 3-5% Vacancy rate.

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  • $250 one time set up fee for each new account

  • $150 Team fee out of first month's rent

  • Single family unit - 10% or $50 whichever is greater

  • Multi-unit owners - flat fee to be determined by units and expectancy of owner

Fees can increase if owner needs

additional assistance:

  • Payment of multiple expenses

  • Supervision of projects

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